Welcome to Rivins Community

Why do we do this!?

Our main mission is to offer an extraordinary gaming environment.
We embrace team-oriented gameplay over the lone-wolf mentality (But you still can join, it's not that we dont gonna like u),
We are against elitism and believe that there is no such thing as a “bad player”.
As such, we promote both casual and competitive gameplay across our community.

Rivins Gaming Community is devoted to the continuous innovation of our community, expanding our horizons as we evolve and grow.
Innovation is seen as a practice that is continuously enhanced, developed, and encouraged.
To fit the ever growing needs of our community, we are always open-minded and truly interested in our members’ feedback and suggestions.

Rivins Community takes seriously on all forms of unfair gameplay and implies a zero tolerance policy on acts of
cheating, glitching, or hacking. We believe it's our members' responsibility to play the game the way it's meant to be played. Rivins Community does not condone the use of scripts, hacks or cheats used for enhancement of in-game performance.

We are an active community playing video games. We have a lot of servers to play on GMOD, GTA V (FIVEM), 7DTD, KF2 We have a Teamspeak server and multiple discord servers. Feel free to look around and talk with us!
As a new group page with ever-growing capabilities, we are wondering what games everyone here plays, and what one is your favorite?
We also wanted to know if you would like any custom servers on specific games or types of games and we will try our best to host one or two on them.